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Theme ‘Ahead’ user documentation

Installing the theme

To install the theme Yellowlab Ahead go to the SEOshop theme store where you can make the choice to install the Yellowlab Ahead theme.

The theme contains three style ‘presets’:

By default, “Default” installed, you can then select any other variant. Would you use one of these presets then go to Design -> Settings.



Would you prefer a different background image or a different color? You can change that in Design -> Settings under the heading Background.

Contact data

In the footer you can adjust the contact data via Design> Settings under the heading Contact Data. Would you rather not show any contact information? Then activate the checkbox behind hide contact data.


Use Design -> Settings under the heading General to adjust some general settings:

Sidebar Position: Determines whether the sidebar on the category pages is placed to the left or right side.
Font: The font used in the webshop.
Navigation: Want to use unlimited scrolling within your category page? Then choose the Infinite scroll. If you want a maximum number of products per page, before switching to the next page? Then select Buttons.
Hide Newsletter: The registration for this newsletter will not be displayed
Colours: Allows you to adjust the colors that are used frequently in your shop


You can change the logo in the header in Design -> Settings. We recommend a logo with a resolution of 470 x 82 pixels.
Your favicon is the small image that is displayed in the tab of your browser.

Header Unique Selling Points

You can adjust the USP’s in the header. Use Design -> Settings under the heading Header Unique Selling Points to change this, and specify where to refer these USPs to. Enter the page which you want to refer to, the page, not the whole url. An example: if you want a reference to the terms and conditions? Then fill out the following behind the USP first or USP second link: service/general-terms-conditions/


Uploading images to the slider you can do in Design -> Headlines. There you can customize an existing slider by clicking on the pencil on an existing slider. Here you can change the link and the text in the slider.
The best resolution of the images placed in the slider is 1500 pixels wide by 700 pixels high.

To add a new slider, click the green plus icon. There you can upload your image to the slider.
You can add text to your image yourself and then upload as a whole image, or you can put your text in the slider in the title places, such as the example above. In it you can use a html code to put a title in a text, for example, a new line: <h2> Homepage slider </ h2> <p> Voorzie u moderne homepage slider van tekst </ p>. What is placed between the H2 tags is the title and what is placed between the <p> and </ p> will be placed on the next line.
You can upload different sliders for each language.

You can also adjust the settings of the slider. Would you rather have the slider image will slide in from the left and the text that slowly appears? Thats possible off course, and can be set using Design -> Settings, under the heading Headlines.

Here you can customize the background color of the text box and the color of the text. You can also customize how the slider image appears and disappears (for example, inserts from the left, or slowly fades in). It’s also possible to set how long it takes for the image to appear and how long it takes for the text in the image is displayed.

There is also an option to use a single slider, which you can use with a transparent image that is slides over it it. To use this function, activate the option, and upload two banners 2: 1 for the background and one transparent image with text in it that slides over it. Note: this function replaces the other slider function, the banners and products on the homepage.

Homepage banners

Via Design -> Settings you will fine the heading homepage banners. Here you can create such a beautiful homepage, by placing your products and images.

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 16.05.45

There are eight positions that you can fill with images. We recommend to use specific sizes for an image,  it is recommended to upload the image to this size, so that the ratio will remain beautiful and you image is not distorted.
Each image can also refer to a page within your shop, just fill in the entry field for the link to the url where you want to refer to.

4 products are also shown on the homepage. You can place it in a slightly different place, namely through Design -> Products front page. Drag your products from the left column to the right field. Here you can place 4 products displayed on the homepage.

Navigation and Prices

Via Design -> Settings, there are a number of settings that can be set as desired.

Under Navigation you can check whether to show or hide certain pages in the main menu, such as ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘Sale’. You can also customize the background color of the menu and submenu, and color of the text in the menu and submenu.
Within the heading Prices can adjust the color of the prices. For both the ordinary and the offer price.


Even more interesting settings can be found under the Settings heading through Design -> Settings.
Hide RSS feeds: RSS feeds hides in the footer
Hide ‘More’ footer links: hides the heading ‘More’ in the footer
Hide ‘New in the shop’: hides the new products on the homepage
Hide Tags: hide the tags in the footer
Hide brands: hides the brands slider on the homepage
Hide number: hides the numbers on category pages that contains subcategories
Replace image payment methods: check this option to use a different image for the payment options than the standard SEOshop icons. When you select this function in the field as upload below the image.

View product page

Use Design > Settings to choose between displaying the product page – under the Settings heading, via Design. Do you want to use the modern version with 4 large product images, or rather use the traditional view with one large image and below the thumbnails? You can make that choice in Product page layout.


Sidebar and Social Media

On the Design -> Settings page are the headings Sidebar and Social Media. Under Sidebar you to set which image you want to see in the sidebar on the category pages and where this image links to.
Under the heading Social Media, place the references to your social media pages.


Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 17.09.47

Want to change the text or the images of the USPs bottom of the page? This can be done through Design -> Settings, under USP’s. You can easily change background color here, the images and links per item, and the titles and texts.

Customer Reviews

Do you want to show customer ratings form Kiyoh your account? And place the Thuiswinkel logo?
You can easily place them youself through Design -> Marks. Click above on the green plus icon and add you to mark.
The image must first upload via File -> Images (at the very bottom in the left column in the back office), when you have done this you can add the mark and the link to the mark.


version 1.4

When activating the system setting ‘Stay on page’, where you stay on the page when adding a product to your shopping cart, the shopping cart drop-down on the header opens for a few seconds. This ensures that the customer gets an additional clear visual confirmation that the product is in your shopping cart.