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Theme ‘Yellowshop’ manual

About Yellowshop

Yellowshop is a clean thema for Lightspeed eCom, focussed on product product experience. With a lot of visuals and a good looking blog section, this theme is especially suitable for products that just need some extra attention.

But, not only product experience are important in this theme, but we also thought about usability.
See for yourself how we did this for multiple devices devices, in our 2 presets.


Optimal conversion

Because of the clean design of this theme and clever use of functionalities, this theme focuses on achieving the optimal conversion rate. Set for example the setting to stay on the same page when putting a product in the cart in Lightspeed eCom and this theme activates a cart dropdown that shows the added product, try it.


This theme also not SEO. It can handle good quality visuals without getting to slow. The page speed is optimal. Banners have html-text, which means they are indexable by Google. Page speed and indexability are essential to be found on Google.


The blog page and article pages have their own look in this theme, this is unique for a theme. This gives your articles a much nicer and special look. Blog gets the attention it deserves on the homepage as well. The 2 newest articles have a prominent place. This setting can even be changed to 4, or turned of.


With the help of Google Fonts, the font of whole shop can be changes in once. Choose for example a handwritten, or sleek facetype. Furthermore, alle colors are adaptable and elements can be turned on and off. Compare our presets to get a clear picture of the possibilities!


We have added a number of settings, to make it possible to adapt the theme to your style. These can be found by navigating to “Design” and then “Settings.”


Except your logo desktop, you can also upload a retina-proof image of your logo for mobile devices. And there is the ability to upload a custom logo that is displayed at the bottom of your shop.

The main USP of your shop, which is filled here, will be placed on the product page. You can also specifically fill the USP per product. For this, activate the additional template data, then you can fill the 3rd additional data field in the product page in the backoffice with a product-specific USP.


The font style is an important part of this theme. You can choose between a number of selected Google Fonts.
This theme includes customizable colors: color of the buttons, color for the underline text link and the color of the background and footer text.


There are settings for four sliders on the homepage. These are settings for:

  • The visual in the background
  • A visual for mobile, lighter so the page load faster
  • The title *
  • The text *
  • A title for the text link *
  • The link


At the bottom of the homepage is space for a banner. This is an HTML banner, which is also indexed by Google. The possible settings for the banner are:

  • A visual on the background
  • The title *
  • A title for the text link *
  • The link
  • A color for the text


The specific theme functionality can be set in several ways:

  • Blog articles on homepage: 2, 4 or none
  • Title above products on homepage* (shows when there are products set)
  • Title above email subscription *
  • Link to account and login in header on / off
  • Wishlist function (header and product page) on / off
  • Breadcrumbs on / off
  • Product Reviews functionality on product page on / off
  • Product sorting and filters show / hide on category pages

Social media

Footer icons can be added with link for these social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

* Texts can be translated by Lightspeed eCom custom translations


Do you, despite the manual, still have questions? Or do you have feedback on this theme? Please let us know!

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